History of Ansung USA Since 1986
1986. August Established Ansung Industrial Co., ltd.
1994. October Removal of company enlargement located in the 2nd Ansung Industrial Complex Approval of Agricultural Loader Model
1994. December Registration of membership in Korea Agricultural Machinery Cooperation Society
1995. January Making a purchasing contract with National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
1997. January Conversion of a juridical person in Ansung Co., Ltd.
February Selected as a "Promising Enterprise" designated in Kyoungki-Do
April Registration of membership in Korea International Trade Association
May Cooperation of company and university with dept. of computer aided design, DooWon Technical college
1998. August Designation as a special contract of military service
September Completion of developing Tedder & Rake
December Completion of developing Tedder & Rake, Acquirement of EM Mark of Tedder & Rake
1999. Jun Designation as Excellent Promising Enterprise
September Removal of factory enlargement
October Awarding a prize to minister of Korea institute for industrial economics & trade of

"The 3rd new technology application"
2001. May Certification of KS A/ISO 9001 Quality certification system
2002. November Awarding prize "Billion top of export" in the 39th trade day – US$1,000,000.00
December Cooperation with National Han Kyeong university
2003. Jun Certification of Organization Ansung-USA, LLC in Texas, USA
November Awarding prize "Three billion top of export" in 40th trade day
2004. August Foundation of Qingdao Ansung Industrial Co.,Ltd in China
2006. November Awarding prize "Five billion top of export" in 43rd trade day - US $5,000,000.00
2008. November Awarding prize "Ten billion top of export" in 45th trade day - US $ 10,000,000.00